| Guide for Authors |

Contributing authors should follow these instructions carefully.
Manuscripts not conforming to the correct format are liable to be returned or rejected.

  1. Aims and Scope Kanem Journal of Medical Sciences is an international forum for communication among medical and allied medical scientists and clinicians. The Journal provides opportunity for exchange of novel and significant information gained from experimental and theoretical investigation that are pertinent to medical and applied medical practice.
  2. Types of Papers The Journal accept and publishes: (i) original papers on experimental and clinical research, (ii) up-to-date reviews of topical issues, (iii) letters/emails to the editor, (iv) short communications, and (v) case reports.
  3. Condition of Acceptance Submission of a paper will be taken to imply that it is unpublished and is not being considered for publication elsewhere except in abstract form. This point should be clearly stated in the author’s covering letter. Submission of an article for publication implies the transfer of the copyright from author to the publisher upon acceptance. Accepted papers become the permanent property of Kenem Journal of Medical Sciences and may not be reproduced by any means, in whole or in part, without the written consent of the publisher.
  4. Submission of Manuscript Manuscripts should be submitted online at www.kjmsmedicaljournal.com through your account after login, then follow the procedures given.
  5. Format and Arrangement (i) Manuscripts should be written in English and be as concise as possible. (ii) Title should be clear, descriptive and not too long. (iii) Abstract should be 150 – 250 words and should be structured under the following headings; a, Background, b, Objectives, c, Methods Results, and d, Conclusions. With 3-6 key words.
  6. (iv) Original Research should be arrange into; a, Introduction, b, Materials and Methods, c, Results, d, Discussion, and e, Conclusion.

    (v) Review Article should be; a, Objective, b, Source of Data, c, Study Selection, d, Data Instruction, e, Results, and f, Conclusion

    (vi) Case Report should include; a, Brief Introduction, b, Description of the Case, and c, Discussion.

    (vii) Tables and illustrations both numbered in Arabic numerals and should not exceed 5. Tables require headings and figures legends should indicate.

    (viii) References should number in the order which they are cited and should be in superscript. References in the list should include only those publications that are cited in the text and should be arranged in the numerical order in which they appear in the text. For indexed Journals, the names should be written as they appear in the index medicus where as for other Journals full names of Journals are to be used. Materials submitted for publication but not yet accepted may be cited in the text as “unpublished data” but must not be included in the reference list.

    a, Paper published in periodicals: Weiji WA, Hillen B. Relationship between masticatory muscle cross-section and skull shape. J Dent Res 1984; 63(9): 1154-1157. b, Books: West KM. Epidemiology of diabetes and its vascular lesions. New York: Elsevier, 1987; Pp227-248. c, Edited Books: Ley P. Patient satisfaction. In: Macer D, (ed). Communicating with patients. Psychology and Health Series No. 4. London: Chapman and Hall 1990; Pp1-30.

  7. Ethical Consideration Authors should state where approriate that ethical guidelines on Medical Research where followed and ethical approval for the study was gotten.
  8. Conflicts of Interest Authors should report any potential conflicts of interest.
  9. Unit of Measurement All Measurements should be reported in SI Unit.
  10. Galley proofs Galley proofs will send to Author Account/Email after review who should return the approved proof with minimum delay. Alterations made to the proof are charge to the Author.
  11. Reprint requests The Journal copies; both hard and soft copy will be sent to the communicating Author after publication. Order forms and price list will, however, be sent with the proofs for additional reprint orders by Authors. The forms and the appropriate fee in bank draft or certified bank cheaque must be submitted with the proofs.